The Lean Concepts Journey

 The Lean Concepts training program is  organized as a series of modules [with each module containing several  sections, print outs, and activities] that are taught in a specific  sequence to construct a firm foundation of understanding and competence  upon which higher level functions can be implemented.  As each  organization and every lean training transformation are unique – the  specific sequence of material delivery is tailored to provide lean  practitioners of all back grounds the resources necessary to meet their  ultimate business needs.  As such we strongly recommend following the  progression suggested in the Lean Concepts module flow chart below: 


1: Lean Philosophy


2: Lean Problem Solving


3: Lean Management


4: Lean Measurement Techniques


5: Technical Lean Tools


 The concept of the module, section, and activity is based upon the lean  training idea of Learning through Doing. There is an introduction to new  knowledge through presentations and handouts followed by activity  homework designed to encourage application of lean manufacturing skills  in the real world. This follow up activity work is crucial to successful  lean manufacturing skills retention as it necessitates practicing new  lean manufacturing skills to improve them. The goal is to learn, do,  receive support as needed, and build the foundation for the next  activity in regular intervals. 

This standardized, stable, interval approach yields the best retention  rate for new continuous improvement skills and facilitates the most  rapid application of Lean Concepts lean training program.  The faster  the lean transformation can successfully be carried out, the more  quickly results can be realized.  By building firm foundations at each  interval before moving forward, the greatest possible care is given  towards building sustainability into the program.  The ultimate goal of  the Lean Concepts lean training regimen is to empower every team member  within an organization to competently sustain, apply, and expand the  lean program in a long term, self-sufficient manner.