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The Lean Concepts Program is organized into modules presented in a purposeful sequence.  We first construct a firm foundation of understanding upon which more complex techniques can be implemented.  We aim to provide practitioners of all back grounds the lean training necessary to meet their ultimate business needs. As such we strongly recommend following the numerical progression below: 


1: Lean Philosophy


2: Lean Problem Solving


3: Lean Management


4: Lean Measurement Techniques


5: Technical Lean Tools


Our standardized, stable, modular approach yields the best retention for new lean manufacturing skills and facilitates the most rapid uptake of the Lean Concepts Program. The faster a lean training can be completed, the more quickly the benefits are realized.  Building a firm foundation in each module before progressing is the best way to learn the lean methodology. The ultimate goal of  the Lean Concepts Program is to empower every team member within an organization to apply, sustain and expand value add lean initiatives over time.