Lean Problem Solving

 The Lean Problem  Solving Module is one of the most important components of the Lean  Concepts Program. It consists of several sections dedicated towards  teaching standardized lean problem solving techniques designed to be  integrated throughout an entire organization. Since lean systems  primarily focus on identifying and eliminating waste, effective and  timely problem solving methods are the backbone of any implementation  program.  An initial discussion on how lean problem solving supports  other tools is followed by a review of the problem solving method  itself, a case study using sample document templates, and finally,  techniques on how to manage an organization-wide problem solving  program. The goal of this module is to assist practitioners in  developing sound lean problem solving skills. These skills will be  required In order to effectively implement the higher level tools found  in later modules. 

Why Problem Solving Matters

 An introduction to  lean problem solving, Section 01 of the module highlights the core  business needs satisfied by an effective problem solving program. The  basic thinking behind the lean approach is reviewed as well as the other  lean tools requiring the support of good problem solving. There is also  an overview of the typical challenges associated with the adoption of  the lean method and the cultural changes that it must accompany.  

8-Step Method + Contain

Section 02 in this  module focuses specifically on the lean problem solving method itself.  Each individual step from start to finish is reviewed, discussed, and  examined. This is a primarily informational section with an example  problem given in Section 03.  

Problem Solving Case Study

The Case  Study section reviews an example problem solving experience and explores  each individual step of the lean problem solving method. A real world  situation is broken down start to finish in a comprehensive walkthrough.  Sample documentation is provided and the focus is to provide a hands-on  follow up to the previous sections.  

Problem Solving Integration

Basic strategies to  integrate good lean problem solving into all daily activities within an  organization are discussed in this section. A brief synopsis of the  typical, traditional methods of managing problem solving is compared  against an ideal, lean way to manage problem solving activities. The  differences between the two are illustrated and a simple tool to help  develop good problem solving management is introduced.